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People stocking up before the storm

By Christie Post - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – People were out in big numbers getting ready for the stretch of bitter cold.

The National Weather Service said when you combine 30 mile per hour winds with the longest stretch of below freezing temperatures that we've seen in about 14 years, it becomes a dangerous situation. That's why people flooded stores Monday stocking up before the storm.

"This is like the central plains coming to Lubbock. This is like Nebraska coming here and that doesn't happen very often," said Jody James, National Weather Service.

Because of near zero temperatures feeling more like 15 to 20 degrees below, business for some has doubled.

"I realized I was nearly out of milk and I don't leave my house once it turns cold," said Rita Graves, a customer stocking up on groceries.

The NWS said there will be some thunderstorms with snow accumulation. "There are some signals that we might see some convective bands," said James.

Therefore people grabbed items for themselves and their pets, preparing to stay indoors. "With the weather changing the way it's fixing to, the big items are heat lamps, bulbs and RV anti freeze," said Darby Adams, Tractor Supply Company.

Most rushed in now to get what they needed, so later they can stay off the roads when the frigid weather rolls in. "When we had a bad snow storm years ago I fell on the ice and I'm still having problems with my head and neck. So I just don't get out when it gets yucky," said Graves.

"This kind of cold usually deals with some fatalities. So folks need to be really careful and be cognoscente and treat this as a serious situation," said James.

While some winter items fly off the shelves and others wait in long lines, businesses around town will try and stay stocked up for those getting ready for the deep freeze.

"We have sold a lot of tank heaters today, we still have some left. As a matter of fact they're restocking them right now," said Adams.

KCBD NewsChannel 11's John Robison said there is hope for the weather to warm by the weekend.

Until then here are some tips from the NWS:

  • Dress in layers. Frostbit can occur in 30-45 minutes if skin is exposed.
  • Check on elderly
  • Travel is discouraged Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Carry a winter weather kit if traveling

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