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Hostage situation in Lubbock ends peacefully

By James Clark - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Lubbock police arrested a 51 year old man after peacefully resolving a hostage situation Tuesday morning.  Police say just after 9:00 AM, Tony James Swafford let three people go (or allowed them to escape) before coming out of the residence in the 2100 block of 71st street. 

Before police took Swafford into custody, LPD said in an email statement, "This is a volatile situation with reported shots fired."

Swafford has been charged with Aggravated Kidnapping.

The official police statement is copied below with specific dates of birth removed.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Greg Stevens, Public Information Officer, 806-548-XXX

We received a call at 8:24 AM from an occupant of the residence at 2121 71st street that Tony James Swafford, DOB X-XX-59, was armed with a shotgun, had fired shots inside the house, and was holding the caller and her grandparents (suspect's parents) hostage in the house.  Patrol officers, supervisors and the shift commander were dispatched to the scene and surrounded the house upon arrival.

A SWAT callout was initiated by the shift commander at 8:50 AM.  An LPD Negotiator Team member had already begun directing communications with the caller at the police department while the SWAT team was en route.

At a point when the hostages were in a back bedroom and the suspect was believed to be in another part of the house, our negotiator was able to talk the 19 year old female caller through a process of getting herself and her grandparents from the bedroom they were in to the front part of the home in an attempt to escape from the house and the suspect.  As the three hostages were coming out the front door, two LPD patrol officers observed the suspect in close proximity to and behind the victims in the living room area of the house.  The officers were able to quickly put themselves between the victims and the suspect and were able to immediately see that the suspect was not armed at that moment.

The officers entered the home and took the suspect into custody without incident at 9:02 AM and cleared the remainder of the house by 9:03 AM.  The suspect was transported to the Lubbock Police Department's Detention Facility and has been booked in on a charge of Aggravated Kidnapping.  Other charges may follow.

The victims' identity and their relationship to the suspect are as follows:

·     James Swafford, DOB X-X-32—suspect's father

·     Sylvia Swafford, DOB X-XX-34—suspect's mother

·     Tracie "Shrae" Hill, DOB X-X-92—suspect's niece (victim who called 911)

LPD Case #11-5508

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