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Consider This:Drill Our Own Resources First

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD)-A spike in gas prices this week is starting to confirm predictions that we are headed for prices like we saw the summer of 2009. Blame it on the weather this time, a holiday next time, a natural disaster, whatever the event, we all know the bottom line is simple supply and demand.  America doesn't supply enough oil to meet the demand of Americans.


Consider this: I'm not against the going green efforts. And i think conservation has become a necessity. But i'm sorry, ethanol and other alternatives simply are not the answer to stopping this rollercoaster. America will only meet It's short and long term needs by depending less on oil from other nations. Washington has an extreme stance against this. Otherwise we'd be drilling more at existing wells and exploring and drilling more of our own resources. Right now the USA produces five million fewer barrels a day than just few decades ago, and we are losing ground fast. Alternative energy is nowhere close to making up the difference. And when gas goes up, so does almost everything else, putting additional strain on all of us. Unfortunately until our government stops letting others dictate the market, I fear high gas prices are here to stay. What can you do? Speak up. Let your congressman know how you feel so he can carry the message. It's our country and it's time the majority rule on this issue.



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