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Wednesday evening road conditions

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Lubbock Police reported 58 accidents between Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. That number was lower than expected. They said school delays kept some drivers off the roads. Work done by road maintenance crews also may have had something to do with the lower numbers.

As of Wednesday night, there were still some concerns. Below freezing temperatures will prevent any snow or ice from melting.

The city street department urges drivers to look out for snow drifts. As traffic breaks up the
snow and ice, gusty winds blow the remaining snow to the sides of the roads where it can pile up. Police warn that ice patches and debris may be present under those snow drifts. City trucks with snow blades were out treating areas Wednesday. 

With 3,000 miles of streets in Lubbock, the department has to prioritize. They said they're concentrating on busy thoroughfares and areas near schools and hospitals first. Police say to watch out on residential roads. "The major thoroughfares appear to be fairing well. So far the road crews really tend to concentrate more on those; the side streets and residential areas not so much. People really need to pay attention when they're not on main thoroughfares," said Lt. Jon Caspell with LPD.

Overall, Caspell said Lubbock drivers have been doing pretty well, and he hopes that will continue Wednesday night and Thursday morning. "We don't anticipate any new precipitation or new ice; but be aware of any areas where ice currently exists. It's going to be there tonight and it's going to be there tomorrow, so they need to watch out for that."

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