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Local Couple Gets Ready To Celebrate 64 Years of Marriage

If the goal of marriage is forever, then the phrase "Meals on Wheels" is one indication you've made it. "Oh boy, it's great, it's wonderful," said Evelyn Botik. She and her husband Joe have been married for a very long time. "Well in three weeks it'll be 64 years," said Joe.

High school sweethearts, they tied the knot in 1939. "We were planning on getting married in the summer and my boss said, 'No, I don't have anybody to take your place,' I said, 'When can I get married?," said Evelyn. It was the depression, and keeping your job was so important, that your boss set your wedding date. "And that's how things went during the depression," she said.

Big families were also done back then. Joe and Evelyn had five kids. "Well, I wouldn't call 'em kids anymore, our oldest is 61," laughed Joe.

Happiness was expected and achieved. "We've been true to each other, all of our lives," said Evelyn. "Have faith in one another, trust one another, and be congenial," added Joe.

Things like a "His" and "Hers" sheds in the back yard, 50/50. And if that doesn't work? "Well, to make it go you do what your wife tells you to do," smiled Joe.

So if you attend the bridal fair Sunday, look in the mirror and smile, knowing that you've helped make forever, last a little longer.

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