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Firefighters face challenges in freezing weather


By Tiffany Pelt - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – With temperatures in the teens, water freezes fast posing challenges for Lubbock firefighters. For the past two days firefighters have had to make adjustments while fighting fires in the freezing weather.

"Just the temperature for one thing, it gets hard on your body being outside in the cold weather for a long time, and then the roads get slick. Sidewalks and streets get slick walking around so it's dangerous," Doug Flanigan said, Lubbock firefighter.

Those slick roads mean a slower response time to emergencies.

 "We just have to take it slow and easy, you know, more so than usual. We have to watch out for other drivers as well," he said.

That's what happened Tuesday night around 11:30 when firefighters responded to a house fire. Flanigan said it took them longer than usual to get to the house near 22nd Street and Boston where heat from the chimney started a fire in the attic. Luckily they got there before the fire spread to the rest of the home.

However, response time isn't the only fight these firefighters face in this weather.

"In our engine we circulate the pumps if we're on scene a long time just to keep them from freezing up," Flanigan said.

That's also the case for their fire hoses. Flanigan said they have to move them around periodically because if left in one spot for too long the hoses will stick to the ground or their gloves.

As for the fire hydrants, the ones in Lubbock store water three to four feet below the grounds which should prevent the water from freezing.

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