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Fire officials give advice to avoid frozen pipes

By Michael Slother - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - As a result of Lubbock's frigid temperatures, homes and businesses are dealing with flooding from frozen pipes.

Sources tell us Hastings had to close Thursday because of flooding water from busted pipes. The fire department says they've responded to nearly 50 calls from folks dealing with flooding from their frozen pipes, and home improvement stores are seeing an increase in plumbing sales.

Water expands as it freezes in your pipes, causing them to crack. As it warms up and the ice thaws, leaking begins from the cracks.

At Southerlands, you can't find heat tape or heaters because of the high demand. "It's been busy. [We're] sold out of all our heat tapes, heaters, you name it. Faucet covers, you name it, gone," said Kevin Niell. Niell works in the plumbing department.

The fire department says to drip your faucets, keep the temperature in your home to at least 60 degrees, use faucet covers, and keep cabinet doors open to allow heat in.

Fire officials expect to have an increase in calls as frozen pipes thaw and people notice those leaks. They also say having heat is very important in preventing pipes from freezing, so if your heater does go out, you may want to call a repairman after hours, or you may be dealing with the consequences of busted pipes. 

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