A little bit of Breedlove goes a long way

From Texas to Tanzania the concept of malnutrition is the same. The difference lies, not in how it is defined, but by how many experience it.

However, with the help of American farmers and the innovation of a non-profit organization, the gap between Texas and Tanzania is about to get a whole lot smaller.

By definition, malnutrition is what occurs when a person is not getting some or all of the nutritional elements that are necessary for human health. Unfortunately however, malnutrition and its consequences are not confined to this finite definition.

There are varying degrees of malnourishment. The different symptoms require different nutrients to combat them, so, while curing micronutrient deficiency (vitamin and mineral) has been a major focus of humanitarian work, a far more dangerous form of malnourishment, protein and calorie deficiency, has gone largely unchallenged.

Until now.

Recently, a new product introduced by a company known as Breedlove, is combating this level of starvation, both effectively and affordably.

Breedlove is a charitable non-profit organization that got its start by taking unused American produce to create, package, and ship food products to parts of the world suffering from mass hunger. Their latest product, VitaNUT Pro, is a "ready-to-eat, energy dense, nutritionally fortified paste product designed to meet the unique nutritional requirements of specific populations."

VitaNUT Pro is available in three categories: General Population, Infants and Children, and Pregnant and Lactating Women, so that it is safe for consumption by everyone affected by hunger. In addition to satisfying hunger, the cereal-soy-peanut based paste includes energy, protein, lipids, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, iodine, selenium, vitamin C, vitamins B complex, niacin and folate, and is available in single-serving pouches.

So, who is it that is fueling these steps forward in alleviating global hunger? American farmers, specifically, the Texas Peanut Producers Board (TPPB), Western Peanut Growers Association, and Panhandle Peanut Growers Association have partnered with Breedlove to manufacture and ship VitaNUT Pro all over the world.

Larry Don Womack, TPPB chairman and DeLeon, Texas, producer, said their organization is proud to be a part of this effort.

"This is a great way for Texas farmers to help provide a nutritional product to those that truly need it," Womack said.

"Our organization is excited to be a part of this partnership to help fight hunger across the world. As farmers, we're dedicated to feeding and clothing everyone, regardless of their economic situation. This is just one of the ways we're trying to help those that don't have the resources for adequate nutrition."

The commitment that these peanut and soy producers have demonstrated toward ending the epidemic that is global hunger, is inspiring and a reflection of the agriculture industry as a whole.

Our farmers operate for the sole purpose of feeding and clothing the American people, as well as those who cannot feed and clothe themselves. Now, more than ever, we must ensure that they are given the support they need in order to continue doing so.