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Metro Tower evacuated after flooding

By Christie Post - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – The deep freeze of 2011 is now becoming the big thaw out. The Metro Tower is just one of the business around town effected. Employees had to evacuate the entire building some pipes burst and caused flooding.

Places around town are seeing water break loose and for the Metro Tower this isn't the first disaster they've had.

"It apparently froze and split and broke. Water began to flow out when the water pump kicked on and pretty much flooded the stairwell area on the north of the building and areas around the elevator shaft," said Greg Duncan, NTS managing company and Alliance Reality Service.

Water extraction crews are cleaning up after a fire sprinkler burst on the vacant 7th floor.

"It pumped out quite a bit probably 15 minutes before it was ever shut off," said Duncan.

The 20 story building with companies like NTS and Verizon were evacuated after alarms sounded off. As for the pipes they were exposed in an area between the hallway and stairwell. And with sub zero temperatures, that's how they froze.

"We'll have an electrician come out to check on the lights that may have gotten wet," said Duncan.

Even though the building is damp, we're told damages are minimal. Plastic over hangs were  put up to protect the NTS equipment.

But this isn't the first time the Metro Tower has seen damage. Back in May 1970 a tornado ripped through and tore off bricks on the side of the building.

Friday they remember that day, but said they will bounce back quickly from the water damage. The property does have insurance. They plan to reopen on Monday at the latest.

"Anything below the seventh floor may have some damage. The sprinkler head actually broke so that's where most of the damage is going to be," said Duncan.

Here are ways to keep your pipes from freezing:

  • Keep your cabinets underneath faucets open to let warm air in.
  • Leave your faucet dripping to keep the water circulating.
  • Wrap your pipes with insulation to keep them warm.

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