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Residents left with no water after bursting pipes


By Tiffany Pelt - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – The recent winter weather has caused more than just a headache for many residents across Lubbock having to deal with bursting pipes and no water. Since Thursday, the Lubbock Fire Department has had several dozen calls about pipes bursting, including residents at the Stone Hollow Village apartments.

"It's very frustrating, very, very frustrating. We can't get ready to go to work, can't brush your teeth, can't do anything," said Veronica Torres, resident at Stone Hollow Village apartment. As of Saturday Torres has been without water for four days.

With dishes piling up and clothes left unwashed, Torres says she has to take her family down the road to her mother's house just to take showers. "It's gone on too long, way too long. This should have been fixed already," she said.

Workers have had to knock down some resident's walls because of the bursting pipes. Luckily that hasn't happened to Torres, but she has had water leak onto her living room carpet and into her outside storage room, soaking everything inside. While she's frustrated with the mess, the apartment management is frustrated as well.

"It's not just happening to our properties it's happening throughout the whole town, so we're working as frantically as we can to get water restored to all of our residents. I've had guys working until midnight every night and then back up at 6 a.m. trying to get it all taken care of," said Theresa Stephens, Stone Hollow Village regional manager.

Stephens says she has three crews from other properties and plumbers working to get the pipes fixed by Saturday evening. The apartment management is also giving out bottles of water to any residents who need it.

"We're trying as hard as we can to get everything done. We really do sympathize with them and we're doing everything we can to get it fixed for them," said Stephens.

With more cold weather on the way, it might be a good idea to leave facets dripping to prevent more frozen pipes.

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