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Searching Statewide for Warrant and Fine Evaders

Lubbock County will soon be looking for warrant and fine evaders statewide through driver license renewal. It's an attempt to collect on outstanding fines that date back to 1989.

Lubbock County has more than 14,000 Class C Misdemeanor warrants and fines that have not been paid. "We have numerous Class C warrants that have not been served. Someone will come Lubbock will write a hot check, they won't take care of it, they'll move off to some other county," said George White, Administrator of the Lubbock County District Attorney's Office.

White says it's nearly impossible to find those people who have moved away. But, not any more. "Their name and date of birth and personal information can be entered into a database," explained White.

A statewide database through the Department of Public Safety. So, if you try to renew your license anywhere in the state, you won't be able to unless you take care of that outstanding warrant in Lubbock county or wherever your warrant is.

"At that point, the way that I understand it, they will be issued a temporary driver license permit to give them time to cleanup this failure to appear," said White.

If you continue to ignore your fines or warrants, White says the state can refuse to issue you a driver license and then your driver license becomes suspended.

This is the first time Lubbock County has participated in this statewide program. County Commissioners say it's a great tool to help them collect on fines that is owed to Lubbock county.

Officers will issue warnings about the failure to appear or failure to pay on the citations they give you. Crimes falling under Class C misdemeanors include most traffic violations plus, non-traffic, like hot checks, littering, and city ordinance violations.

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