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After a delay, proposal to open up LP&L records

By James Clark - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - After some delay to work out the details, City Councilwoman Karen Gibson will propose this week to partially open up LP&L's books for public inspection. 

Lubbock Power & Light is the city-owned utility, which until recently competed against Xcel Energy.  On October 29th, LP&L bought out Xcel's Lubbock assets.  Now that LP&L is a monopoly in most of Lubbock, Gibson proposes lifting the veil on its financial information. 

State law allowed LP&L to cloak records which would otherwise be public record due to "competitive matters."  Gibson's proposal, originally on the City Council agenda two weeks ago,  allows LP&L to keep a list of issues secret such as negotiations for the purchase of wholesale power.  

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