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5-Year-Old Nearly Hanged by Shoestring

The 911 call from 17th and Avenue M Monday afternoon, made even authorities cringe. A 5-year-old girl, lifeless, the victim of a hanging.

"They found the child with the string wrapped around her neck and the other end attached to one of the door knobs," said Sgt. Frank Picon. Her mother in a back bedroom, she reportedly thought the child was taking a nap. Instead, she was playing with a shoe string that was tied to a door knob.

"It was scary, I mean it was terrible," said Maria Garcia. She was driving by the residence when the mother ran screaming into the street. "She said she ran to the room and saw her hanging from the door," she said.

Her face shades of purple and blue, neighbor Brenda Quintana took the child from her mother's arms. "I said 'Put her down,' and then I started CPR. She had no pulse or anything," she said. Moments later, her efforts paid off - a pulse. EMS took her to UMS.

Meanwhile, juvenile detectives question the mother. "It looks like it may be accidental, but the detectives still have to finish up," said Sgt. Picon.

Lubbock Police have yet to release the victim's name and at last report she was listed in critical condition.

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