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Dangers of geotagging

Lubbock, TX (KCBD) - "Geo-tagging attaches the longitude and latitude of your location to the pictures that you take, "said CoNetrix Security and Compliance Expert Ed McMurray. Meaning if you're in Lubbock at NewsChannel 11 and upload a photo from the TV station, the longitude and latitude of where that picture was taken is also available.

According to Devicemag.com, most people don't think twice about posting a picture of themselves or something random on their twitter, MySpace, Flickr or Facebook pages along with captions like "out to lunch" or "on vacation in Hawaii", but for a criminal this is the exact thing they are looking for.

Larry Pesce of ICANSTALKU.COM, started the website to show twitter users just how easy it is to find the information attached to your pictures. "Imagine you post your new TV online and then post a picture of you at 7-eleven. Well, now a thief knows you have a brand new tv at your house, and that your not home," Pesce said. He says the biggest problem here is that the pictures basically give out your address.

Most people don't realize then when you take a picture of your new living room set or your lunch plate while out to eat, then send it to a website, you are in fact giving away all your most personal location information through Geo-tagging.

Why its dangerous:

When you post your picture all a criminal has to do is find the Geo-markers embedded in your photo, and as easy as it is to look you up in a phone book your picture has told the crook exactly where you live.

Then all they have to do is continue to watch your postings and then wait for an opportunity. When you post another picture a few days later it will tell them where you are now and more importantly how far away from your home you actually are. And that once seemingly simple photo of your living room couch has told the criminals that in the background you own a lovely flat screen TV and eventually can let them know when your home is unoccupied.

How to turn it Geotagging off for Blackberry:

Simply start your camera application from the HomeScreen,

press the Menu button,

then select Options.

Scroll to the Geotagging setting and set it to Disabled.

Click below for the step by step directions on how to disable geotagging on an Iphone and other smart phones:


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