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Walk, Ride or Drive: Get to School Safely

NewsChannel 11 is shifting gears to serve the needs of you the viewer, better. So, we're replacing Consumer Connection, with Safety Solutions. Each week, Sharon Maines will focus on safety problems and hazards and offer ways to create safer environment for your family.

This week, we begin with an issue that affect all students going back to school. NewsChannel 11's Sharon Maines explains how you can make the trip to and from school a safe one.

The first day of school will bring a traffic jam, with both students and parents rushing to school. It's up to you to get your children there safely. First, the walkers. "Parents need to always think about the safest route to school. Sometimes the way they drive is not the safest way to walk." Karen Slay the Executive Director of the Injury Prevention Coalition says safety must be learned and practiced. "We always suggest to get them pumped up and ready for school, maybe after dinner, take them and actually practice that safe route to school and stop at every intersection. Make sure they child is looking left , right, left and knows their safety rules."

Walkers should keep the following rules in mind. Always use sidewalks and cross only at the crosswalk. Walk,don't run across the street. If you ride a bike, you need to get off that bike and walk it across the street. Stand back away from the curb and always, stop, look left, right, left and then cross the street.

Slay says, "We don't want them crossing in between parked cars. It's very hard to see a child that's coming out between two cars. We have a lot of pedestrians hit each year because they were trying to cross between parked cars."

If you're taking your child to school, you need to find the best place to park. Slay says, "You need to be familiar with the school's traffic plan. We also want to make sure parents don't double park around the school or park and leave their vehicles in a loading or unloading zone."

Most importantly, slow down, school zones will be in effect, starting August 18. Most schools offer a traffic safety plan. So you can check with your child's school, to see where the school wants you to park or drop off your children.

If you have an unsafe or hazardous problem in your house or neighborhood, let NewsChannel 11 find a safe solution. E-mail your ideas to ( safety solutions@kcbd.com ).

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