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Child Proofing the Un-Obvious

Inside the home where a 2-year-old boy and his family lives, precautions have been taken to prevent an accident. Like covering outlets and keeping mini blind cords out of reach. But there's more than just the obvious.

"We're looking for things kids can trip over, things kids can pull off and onto them. Something they can swallow," said Floyd Price, Safety Inspector for Lubbock County.

Price found five un-obvious safety hazards inside this home. Hazards Rachel Key would not have noticed. Rachel has a toddler, Libby, and a 7-year-old boy, Hayden. "It's just a hat hanging there. Kids are curious kids get to playing with them," noticed Price as he pointed out a hat hanging with strings. Price says the string on the hat could choke if a child gets a hold of it wrong.

Also, the hat is an item that kids would reach for, potentially pulling large items down on top of them.

Price says hide small things that kids could swallow and choke on. For example, a pair of ear plugs on the bathroom counter. "OK. You're cord over here (pointing to some cords on the floor), always move those. If they trip on this, they can bump themselves on a sharp object on the cabinet. That could do some damage," said Price.

Strung lights were also another hazard. "This is well secure up in there. She could get that hung around her neck or in her mouth. I know it's beautiful, but you need to get it out of her way," Price said about the light strand on the window.

Finally, a radio sitting on the edge of a shelf. Price says it poses a danger if a child pulls it down.

"It's just the little things we don't think about.  Who would have thought about a shoe string on a door? The cords here, 99% of the time, nothing would happen. But 1% of the time it could happen. So we'll just eliminate it," he suggested.

And Rachel says safety has always been important in her home. "I was surprised. I think a lot of it has to do with parent supervision too," she said. But she also realizes parents can't keep an eye on their children every second of the day either.

So remember, keep these things in mind when looking for the un-obvious in you home: can my child suffocate, strangle, choke or fall if these items are laying around? If you answer yes, then Price says eliminate it.

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