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Food for Thought 2.10

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – With three low performers, we're serving up a short order in this week's Food for Thought.

 Los Tacos at 3501 Ave. A had five critical violations.

* Food was not cooling properly. This could cause bacteria to grow.

* Food debris was in a hand sink; those sinks are for hand washing only. Employees' drinks were on a food prep table.

* Employees were not wearing gloves while handling food.

* Cloth towels were used to cover food and underneath to absorb grease.

* There were spills in the walk in cooler and the freezer.

The report shows all violations were corrected at the time of the inspection.

Management was not available for comment.

Six critical violations were found at Big E's Barbeque at 1802 Buddy Holly Ave.

* Sausage, chicken and beef were not at the safe hot temperature of 135 degrees.

* Pans of uncovered, cooked chicken was stacked on top of each other.

* The water pipes on the hand sink were frozen.

* Employees were unable to wash their hands.

* Toxic items were near food and food contact surfaces.

* Food counters were dirty.

The report shows most violations were corrected while the inspector was there.

We were unable to contact management for comment. 

And finally, the Kwik Stop at 4719 58th also had six critical.

* BBQ sandwiches were not at least 135 degrees.

* BBQ sandwiches did not have expiration date.

* Lunch meat was expired.

* Cleaning chemicals were near food.

* The thermometer in the walk-in cooler did not work.

* An ice scoop was on top of the ice machine.

The report shows all but one violation was corrected during the inspection - management says all have since been corrected.

But it's not all bad news in this week's Food for Thought. We also have eight restaurants with a perfect health inspection:

* Becky's Mexican Restaurant at 2323 66th

* City Donut at 2245 19th

* El Burrito Mariachi at 4250 Ave. A

* Cranny Katz Team Room at 6409 Indiana

* KFC/LJS at 7601 82nd

* KFC at 7823 Slide

* Lone Wolf Express at 5702 19th

* Sip N Dip Donuts at 3211 50th

For the a list of the hight and low performers: clickhere

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