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Missing Texas Senators to be Charged for Absences

Wednesday was day 17 of the Texas Senate stalemate over plans to redraw congressional districts. On Tuesday we told you about the daily penalty to be imposed upon each of the missing senators, now dubbed the 'Texas 11', we now know exactly how the numbers will add up.

The penalty fees begin Thursday with $1,000. If the missing legislators remain gone until Friday the fee increases by $1,000 to $2,000. Saturday they'll add $3,000 to the bill and so on until the daily fine hits $5,000 on Monday. Then it will continue at $5,000 daily until the end of the session on the 26th. Bringing the total to $55,000. That $55,000 will be imposed on each of the Texas 11. For a grand total of $605,000.

That money will then be used to pay for cost of the second special session.

Also on Wednesday, Texas Governor Rick Perry said if state business is not taken care of this session, he intends to call a third special session when this one is over.

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