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Broken pipes still plaguing residents and businesses

By Michael Slother - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The deep freeze may be over, but the effects of the cold weather are still being felt across Lubbock. Plumbers and flood technicians have been busy cleaning up after flooding from broken pipes.

The Lubbock Fire Department also reported responding to more than 100 calls from businesses with over head sprinkler systems that had leaks from broken pipes.

Josh Pridmore said the past week is the busiest he and Carpet Tech have ever been. They've responded to 1,100 calls to clean up flooding from cracked pipes. "The 4th of July flood is the busiest we've ever been and this is 3 or 4 times busier," Pridmore said.

Pridmore is usually behind a desk, but in busy times all hands are on deck. "I'm usually in the office dealing with finances, purchases and inventory, but because we're so busy, I think everybody that's available is out," he said.

Friday, he responded to yet another flooded home. It can take days to finish drying. "The first step on any water restoration claim is to go assess the damage, determine where moisture is, then we'll go in and extract, once we extract we'll move furniture to protect it, and we'll remove padding if there's any padding."

Flood technicians aren't the only busy workers in town, at home improvement stores like Sutherlands they're having a hard time keeping plumbing and heating supplies on the shelf.

Gilbert Gonzalez estimates a 40% increase in business from a regular Winter. "The plumbing department has been hectic," Gonzalez said.

He's seen home owners looking for supplies to fix pipe problems on their own, as well as plumbers looking to re-stock. Heaters are also flying off the shelves. "The store manager bought 200 space heaters, they came in Tuesday night, today is Friday morning and they're gone."

While business has been booming for Josh and Carpet tech, he's ready for things to get back to normal. "It's been pretty crazy. I can't remember most of it," he said.

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