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NewsChannel 11's Mission Statement

1. News & Sales are what we do at NewsChannel 11. Each one of our jobs is related to the news gathering and news reporting, and/or providing for the success of our advertisers and the revenue base of the station.

2. We win friends one at a time. Our viewers and our customers are vitally important to us, and should be treated with the utmost respect.

3. We are trustful, reliable, ethical, and honest. In all of our dealings with co-workers, viewers and customers, we can be trusted to treat people fairly, and to act in an ethical and responsible way.

4. We take risks and are innovative. In the highly competitive environment, only through risk taking in developing new time periods for news, unique program schedules, innovative sales approaches, and non-traditional strategies are we successful.

5. We seize opportunities. In a competitive environment we strive to anticipate opportunities. We are quick to gather relevant information, make informed decisions, and take action.

6. We own or establish franchises. We invest the communication power of the station in long-term partnerships with community events and activities.

7. We are technically superior. We have the tools to do our jobs in the most effective and creative manner possible.

8. We hire superior people. In a business that requires a variety of skills and knowledge, we strive to hire the very best people.

9. We nurture creativity. WE have admiration for creativity, and encourage non-traditional approaches to problems and opportunities.

10. We have open and candid communication. We have few secrets. Whenever possible we share information on goals, objectives, performance and projects.

11. We do it big, do it right. We recognize that we operate in the public eye and we are therefore vigilant of our public persona. We do not cut corners on projects, community activities, technical innovation, or programming. We make decisions based on what is the right thing to do, not the easy thing to do.

12. We work well together and we have fun!

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