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Scientists are Testing a New Drug for Insomnia

Scientists are encouraged about a new drug that acts like a hormone in the brain, basically tricking you into falling asleep.

Right now it's still in the lab, so the name is simply Tak-375. Here's how it works.

The brain releases Melatonin in response to light. Our hormones are sort of the body's master time keeper controlling our normal daily rhythms, including our sleep cycle. Tak-375 seems to act like a hormone and improves the sleep cycle.

Insomnia researcher, Dr. Nicholas Vatakis, says that a good number of patients have either had a decreased sleep latency meaning they fall asleep more quickly or they sleep more hours during the night. Some patients don't sleep more hours during the night, but they feel that they have a more restful and deeper sleep.

Tak-375 can cause your stomach to be upset, headaches, and fatigue. Side effects are rare and researchers say they can find no indication that it is addictive, so that's good news.

Again, the bad news is that it's not available yet. More study is needed before it can be FDA approved.

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