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Consider This...Opinions on councilmen not paying taxes on time

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – I've received overwhelming response to last week's comments about property taxes. You'll recall I took issue with one elected official and one top city administrator for not paying their taxes on time. And not just a little late. One was delinquent on some bills for multiple years. And the other, who is paid almost 160,000 a year, paid his taxes only after the issue was raised on the news.

All of this is now in front to the district attorney to decide if these folks should lose their jobs. Here's some of your response: Butch of Lubbock wrote an email saying: Seems to me that they were in a rush to get this paid when some light was shed on the issue. How long would they… (have) waited to pay if nothing had been said of this issue?..... I sure don't want my house being sold on the court house steps for nonpayment of taxes, why do they not have the same amount (of) concern????... Don't trust them and never will now!

Another response was Debbie of Lubbock writes: They are in charge of overseeing and managing our hard earned tax dollars and I feel if they cannot manage their own business. It would be in our best interest for them not to try and manage ours.

Finally there were those that saw the other side: An anonymous viewer defended Councilman Hernandez by saying: "…the people of the councilman's district voted for him. It should be up to those people…..not a city mayor or an attorney."

 Keep your comments coming whether you agree with me or not, I appreciate the feedback!

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