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Lubbock BBB warns about door-to-door sales

By Ann Wyatt Little - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – The Better Business Bureau and the City of Lubbock are warning residents about door-to-door sales. While most are legitimate, there is one company that is doing business in town that authorities want you to be wary of.

"I can go on a vacation if I sell so many and it seemed a little fishy," explained Taylor Fidler, who opened his front door and a woman with Crossroads Subscriptions began asking him if he wanted to buy magazine subscriptions. "It seemed too quick. I wasn't given any time to look at what I would be buying."

Fidler says she would not leave her contact information or a pamphlet about the magazines. He even asked if she could come back later in the day after he talked it over with his wife. Fidler contacted KCBD and wanted his neighborhood to be aware of what was going on. After some digging, Fidler became even more concerned about the company's standing with the BBB. The company, Crossroads Subscriptions, is based in Aubrey, Texas, which is about six hours east of Lubbock.

Nan Campbell, with the BBB in Lubbock, said her office hasn't had complaints about the company, but other BBB's across the state and country have. "The one you asked me about has an 'F' rating with the BBB in Dallas," explained Campbell. She advises to be wary of doing business with a company that has the lowest rating the bureau can give. The 120 complaints out of the Dallas office range from customer service to magazine delivery.

For companies without an established business in Lubbock, the city requires what is called a peddler's permit.

"Don't have a permit for them and I have not heard that business name in our office," said City of Lubbock Code Manager Stuart Walker. The process to get a peddler's permit starts in his office. "It's designed to keep residents safe. We want to do due diligence on folks coming in from out of town."

Permits only last for 30 days and applicants are required to undergo a state background check plus carry a photo identification badge. The permit costs $50.

Fidler says the woman did not have a city-issued permit and while he didn't purchase anything, he wants his neighbors to beware.

"Just be cautious and ask a lot of questions," said Fidler.

KCBD left a message with the company, asking about the complaints and peddler's permits. Other cities have similar ordinances.

Lubbock officials expect more door-to-door traffic to pick up, as the weather gets nicer. If a salesperson knocks on your door, you can ask for ID or a city permit. If the business has an office in Lubbock, door-to-door salespeople are not required to carry a peddler's permit.

If an outside representative does not have a peddler's permit, you can call the non-emergency number, at the Lubbock police department which is 806-775-2865.

Violating the city ordinance is a misdemeanor.

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