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The Dreaded Freshman 15

In the next few weeks, millions of high school graduates will leave home for the first time. That means new freedom in where you go, what you do and how much you eat. So, for many, that change in lifestyle triggers a change in size as well.

A new study at Cornell University says most freshman don't realize they're eating too much, until they've really packed on the pounds. Particularly with all you can eat dining halls, freshmen eat more, gaining an average of 5 ounces a week. Doesn't sound like much, but add it up and by the end of the year, that's fifteen pounds, better known as the freshman fifteen.

College student Eno Agyapong says that students don't realize the weight gain until they go home and they're told by their family and friends back that they look much bigger.

It's not just all they can eat, but what they choose to eat and when, so it all adds to the problem. Like calling in a pizza late at night to ease the stress of studying, and then, of course, there's alcohol, which is high in calories.

So how can freshman enjoy college without gaining weight?

Nutritionist Carol Parker-Duncanson says that students should watch their portions and use a dessert plate to put their servings on so that they end up with smaller portions as they go.

She also suggests this graduation gift from parents, a scale. That way your freshman can weigh-in periodically so the pounds won't sneak on.

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