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Tech Dorms Prepare for Student Influx

Texas Tech students are on their way back. Classes may still be three weeks away but the Housing and Dining Department have been preparing for the students' return all year. Texas Tech is expecting a record enrollment of 29,300 students this year, which means they'll need more beds than last year.

Last year there was a large over-flow problem, so how do they plan to handle more students this year?

There are 16 dorms on the Texas Tech campus, with beds for about 6,300 students. Last year when school started, more than 200 students were displaced, in over flow rooms, study lounges and at the University Plaza.

This year Sean Duggan, the Director of Housing and Residence Life, says they are ready to house everybody. "We've made a lot of arrangements for the year to prepare for the increased enrollment numbers that we are expecting. Right now we're opening the residence halls with about 6,200 students in the halls, we've made adjustments to our capacity and our ability to house students and currently we have no students in over flow housing. Everyone has been assigned to a permanent space so when we open the halls in the next two weeks we'll be ready for all the students," said Duggan.

Duggan says they've cut back on the number of single rooms offered by 350, and they've stopped taking students in the Gateway program, where they live at Tech and attend South Plains. But that could all change once the Tech students are housed.

"I think we had disappointed students that would've liked to live on campus in a single that have moved off campus because we couldn't give them a room so that's unfortunate, but I think our first priority is to make sure there is enough room for our incoming freshman since there is that residency requirement," Duggan said.

At this time the number of applications and cancellations are balancing each other out. But traditionally about 100 students don't show up when school starts, so at that time they'll adjust some students to the dorm or hall of their choice and open up more single rooms.

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