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Jones SBC Construction to be Completed by Kick-Off

A state of the art facility to compete with the best. That's the idea behind the $84.9 million renovations project at Jones SBC Stadium. Construction started about four years ago and Tech officials say it's right on schedule. So what changes will you see this football season?

You can still see the construction workers hard at work and the facade changes are obvious... but what's inside the new west side?

"We're going to have the club and the suites open and ready for our fans to enjoy. The mezzanine and the new concession stands are all raring to go. The press level will be a little Spartan but we'll feed you well," says Mike Ellicott, the Vice Chancellor for Facilities Planning and Construction.

Ellicott says phase two includes 1,070 club seats and 46 suites, all of which will be ready come the first home game. "Its turned out great. As you can see from what you can see. We have superb views of the field, even on the upper level. We have great seats, great accommodations and it's going to be great for all of us," Ellicott said.

What challenges have you faced in this process? "How long do you have? Obviously getting the thing designed within budget was a huge challenge," says Ellicott.

So far they've raised $84.9 million for this project, and that's what they've spent. As more money comes in, they'll add to the structure.

"Texas Tech is in a very competitive market for higher education and we need to have top notch facilities. Top notch academic facilities, living facilities and athletic facilities and this is going to be the best football stadium, at least the west side, in college football. In terms of the amenities offered and the views of the field and so if we want to compete with the big boys we have to have a big porch to play on," Ellicott said.

And they say this porch will be ready for the SMU Mustangs on August 30th.

Phase one included doubling the concessions, tripling the restrooms and adding handicap accessibility. Phase three, the final phase, is the new football training facility, which should be finished mid-way through this season.

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