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Lubbock Police Investigate Death of 12-Year-Old

The investigation into the death of Richard Contreras continues after a 12-year-old who was found hanging by a door knob with a belt.

According to Police reports, emergency workers responded to this home in the 500 block of 41st Street last Friday. Richard, his twin brother, and their older brother had been home that afternoon. Police reports say Richard had first tied a belt around his twin brother's neck until he passed out. After the twin recovered, he found Richard with the belt around his neck tied to a door knob.

The boys' older sister, Lisa Falcon says it was a tragic accident and does not want the blame to be placed on any of her three brothers, but Lubbock Police have not ruled this an accident.

"They are really hurt by this, they barely opened up about this. The twin, the other twin, he opened up a little bit to me and told me how badly he feels about this because everybody thinks its on them. They cried to me and tell me didn't do it they didn't do that, and I know that they wouldn't do that their brother," said Falcon.

The report says the boys' mother had just gotten home when the incident occurred.

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