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Police radio traffic gives insight into officer-involved shooting

By James Clark - email

LUBBOCK,TX (KCBD) - Police updated their initial reports Tuesday afternoon to say that Officer Jennifer Breazeale fired three shots instead two in the death of Jermar McKinzie, 25. 

At about 4:30 AM Sunday, police say Breazeale shot McKinzie because he was standing over Zitra Rivera, 20, with a knife and refused to drop the knife when ordered to do so by Officer Breazeale.  McKinzie was pronounced dead at the scene, Kenosha Court Apartments, 5208 Kenosha Avenue.

In addition to the new information about shots fired, Lubbock Police on Tuesday gave KCBD NewsChannel 11 permission to use audio of police radio communications related to a Sunday morning shooting.

The audio of police radio traffic was recorded by a photojournalist during the time in question.  While police radio traffic is accessible to members of the public who have a police scanner it is legally not considered a public record and so KCBD NewsChannel 11 needed permission to use the audio. 

The first officer arrives two minutes after the call of domestic violence is dispatched.  Less than one minute later officer Breazeale is heard yelling over the radio, "3356, shots fired!  Shots fired!" 

The number 3356 is her call sign on the radio.  A woman, presumably Rivera, is heard screaming in the background.

The dispatcher then repeats the address.  Another officer calls for "10-33" which is police code for "emergency."  He also says "code 3" which means he's driving to Breazeale's location with red lights and siren turned on.

One after another, officers call that they're stopping whatever they were doing and headed to Breazeale as fast as they can to help.

Roughly 15 minutes after the original call of domestic violence was dispatched, officers say it's safe for EMS to approach.  An officer says "We're only going to need one EMT to come up here."

Roughly 16 minutes after officers were dispatched, a supervisor calls for homicide detectives. 

(CLICK HERE) for a link to hear a portion of the police radio traffic.

The original audio is more than 18-and-a-half minutes.  It includes a mix of audio that is related to the shooting along with audio from unrelated calls.  The original audio also includes long periods of silence as well as officers talking about procedural information such as which officers are listed and the call sheet.

KCBD NewsChannel 11 has edited the audio down to those portions which are most relevant, which total one minute and 49 seconds.

Below are some of the terms you will hear in the audio.

  • 10-8 In service (or back in service from a previous call)
  • 10-23 Arrived on scene
  • 10-33 Emergency
  • 10-76 En-route
  • Signal 1 Send backup
  • Code 3 Lights & sirens

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