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A Lubbock resident is safe after 6.3 earthquake ripped through Christchurch, New Zealand

A Lubbock resident is safe after 6.3 earthquake ripped through Christchurch, New Zealand

Kathy Vick (pictured first) Kathy Vick (pictured first)

Christchurch, New Zealand (KCBD) — A Lubbock resident is safe after a powerful 6.3 earthquake ripped through Christchurch, New Zealand killing at least 75 people as it destroyed parts of the city.

Local tennis captain, Kathy Vick, has been in Christchurch since last week for the 2011 Seniors Tennis World Team Championships.

"Things were moving and stuff was flying off of the counters in the stores," Kathy Vick said.

Vick details the moments after a powerful earthquake ripped through Christchurch on Tuesday. Aftershocks have sent survivors scrambling for safety in the nation's second largest city.

Vick says it has been chaos, " and everyone was buying up food, bread, and water. All the gas stations lines are just out of control."

Vicks' team was in Ashburton just an hour outside of Christchurch when the quake hit, but others were not so lucky. "Some of the other teams were playing in Christchurch and so we were concerned about the other players," Vick said.

Other players went to the blogs to write about their experience. Tennis player Dougal Williams wrote "the sounds of tennis balls have been replaced with sirens, helicopters and home alarms."

"We walked out of the tennis court and it was torn up as far as my eyes could see," Williams said.

"We saw pictures of the tennis center where we were supposed to play at but there's just no way. I mean the floors are just caved in and cracked, the footage is unbelievable," Vick said.

She continued, "every hotel is filled up and people are coming in just trying to get away from Christchurch and the management is actually putting people in their room. We put people in our room last night, its just crazy."

The International Tennis Federation has canceled all four cups in Christchurch and the local airport there is closed.

Vick says her team could be stuck in New Zealand until March 6th. 

Officials feared that the death toll could rise further, ranking the 6.3-magnitude earthquake among the island nation's worst in 80 years. They say at least 100 more people are missing.

Rescuers are concentrating on at least a dozen buildings that collapsed or were badly damaged.   

A more powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit Christchurch, a city of 350,000, on Sept. 4, but caused no deaths. The latest one was deadlier because it was closer to where people live and work.

Kathy Vick says her team is just ready to get back to the US. "We were excited to be here but now, I think were all just ready to go home."

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