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Consider This...Improvements on Woodrow Road

LUBBOCK,TX (KCBD) - I'm glad to see more safety improvements on Woodrow Road. It looks like a new traffic light was turned on Tuesday at Woodrow and Highway 87. There are also discussions right now for a stop sign at Woodrow and University. Watching news of countless accidents and even deaths tells me these improvements are long overdue but still not enough.

Consider this: Back in 2007 woodrow road was widened eight feet creating a shoulder on each side of two lanes. It's time county and state officials expand it to a full four lanes. This road is only going to get busier as it feeds a major high school that is experiencing unprecedented growth. That means there won't be fewer accidents out there, there will be more. Too many parents and teenage drivers use this road for it to be only two lanes. I know it cost big bucks, but what value can we put on the lives it could save. However it is done, the folks in charge of traffic safety out there have an obligation to solve this problem, as a top priority. Woodrow Road is now a major thoroughfare and should be treated like one.

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