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Timing is Everything When Driving in Lubbock

Traffic is flowing smoothly through three of Lubbock major streets and pretty soon, every single one of them will be synchronized. Traffic engineers just fine tuned University Avenue's traffic lights and there are more lights on the list.

NewsChannel 11 tested out the synchronized lights Tuesday. It only took us five and a half minutes to drive from 34th Street to 82nd Street. We came to a rolling stop twice, but every intersection we approached, the light turned green within seconds.

It was about 3:30 p.m. when we timed the lights. Traffic was a little thick on University Avenue. Along with University Avenue, 50th Street and Slide Road have been synchronized. Up next, Indiana, Quaker and 19th. And then 34th Street from Slide to Avenue Q.

Take a Closer look at the Project

Map 1
Map 2

Traffic engineers say depending on the Marsha Sharp Freeway progression, they'll decide to do either 82nd or 4th Streets.

Finally, minor adjustments along Avenue Q. But be patient. The whole traffic light synchronization project will take at least two years to tweak.

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