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New Computer Virus Could Be Heading Your Way

Just a quick warning about a new virus that may be showing up in your inbox...

There is a new virus going around; the subject line is variable, but, some of the ones we've seen include:

  • Your Application
  • Your Details
  • Approved
  • Details
  • That Movie
  • Wicked Screensaver
  • Thank you!

The virus is a mass-mailing worm that sends itself to all email addresses on a computer; it can also spoof any email address in the "from" field, so, the e-mails may appear to come from people you know. 

Computer Virus Information Center
Virus definitions, virus searches, and virus solutions. You'll find all the latest information on all of those nasty virus' out there that are ready to infect your computer.
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Please make sure that your anti-virus definitions and patches are up-to-date and that you do not open attachments if you do not know what they are!

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