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Does It Work? Page Brite

LUBBOCK,TX (KCBD) - When you're young, you can't imagine ever needing reading glasses. Then you get older. That's the reason the makers of Page Brite created their product.

The Page Brite is a full page magnifier. Basically, it's a plastic frame with a plastic magnifying sheet inside. It also has some battery operated LED lights on the backside for night reading.

Pretty basic, hold the Page Brite over a book or anything you want to read, and the letters magnify up to three times bigger than usual.

The Page Brite comes with a little kickstand that holds it up over the book or clips on pages, but we found it to be more trouble than it's worth.

The LEDs create little streaks on the plastic magnifier. We found them to be a distraction in a lighted room. But the lights were a big help when reading in the dark. Plenty of light to read in bed or a dark car.

Is it a replacement for your reading glasses? No. But if your eyes are really bad, this is a nice, versatile, thin (we could use it as a bookmark) option. The Page Brite has some flaws but,

"Does it Work?" We give it a yes!

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