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Investigation Continues into Recent Adolescent Death

New information tonight on the 12-year-old boy that apparently died after a belt was wrapped around his neck. Preliminary autopsy results are in and show Richard Contreras died of asphyxia.

Police responded to a choking call around 2 p.m. Friday afternoon. Upon arrival they discovered 12-year-old Richard Contreras with no vital signs. "Officers went to the scene and realized it wasn't a choking, but a strangulation with a belt among three brothers. Officers gathered as much information as we could and we're still working the investigation at this time," said Sgt Scott Farmer, a Juvenile Detective for the Lubbock Police Department.

Sgt. Farmer also says they are still in the heart of this investigation, trying to determine how it happened. "Our main concern is if this is an accident, or was this intentional, that's part of our investigation to determine what happened."

Richard's family says it was an accident, that Richard and his two brothers wouldn't hurt each other and that the family is taking this very hard.

"They were close, very close. No way they could've done that to their brother. They are taking it really hard, because he's so young. He was a good kid, he was a great brother and I miss him," said Lisa Falcon, Richard's sister.

At this time, family members have traveled to Crystal City for Richard's funeral, but the investigation is ongoing.

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