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Lubbock Sex Offenders Shown on Lubbock TV

The sex offender broadcasts began at 10:30, Wednesday morning and will be broadcast at least twice a day, starting with a 20 minute education program called "Stranger Danger" that teaches kids how to get away from an attacker or to avoid one all together. It's an initiative started by the Lubbock City Council to educate parents and children about sex offenders in their neighborhood.

"The education component protects us by teaching us and our children how we need to protect ourselves what we need to look out for," says City Councilman Gary Boren.

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What you need to look out for is your zip code. After "Stranger Danger", the tape rolls through more than 240 sex offenders in Lubbock listed by zip codes. "We'll be showing their name, address, what they were convicted of and everything to help the neighborhoods protect themselves," says Boren.

"I wished you would have known this before you moved in," says one Lubbock resident to a woman who just moved here with her two children from California. She was shocked when she learned she just moved down the street from a sex offender. If I can get out of my lease over it, I will," she says.

She says if she had known a sex offender lived on her block, she would have never moved in. "Absolutely no, no way, especially this close not even with in a couple of blocks," she says.

Lubbock residents feel the new sex offender program will not only help them know who's living in their neighborhoods, but also help keep their loved ones safe.

"I think it's good to be informed as to who's living in your neighborhood and if there's any sex offenders that are around that may harm your kids," says resident Stephanie Brown.

"People need to know especially if they are other kids around," says the new to Lubbock woman.

"Don't let them play outside by themselves if you know there is a sex offender in your area cause you never know what's gonna happen," says Brown.

The sex offenders will be shown each day at 10:30 am and after the 6:30 pm edition of City Magazine. You can see an additional broadcast at 8:30 pm, Friday through Monday. Just watch Cox Cable Channel 2.

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