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Protecting Your Computer from Viruses

The SoBig virus outbreak comes on the heels of last week's MSBlaster worm, which may have infected over one million computers. "As we've seen in the last couple of weeks, there are new viruses and bugs on a constant basis," said David Noles, President and C.E.O. of Venture Data Solutions.

Noles stated, you can protect your computer by keeping your anti-virus updated. Constant updates are offered on Symantec, McAfee, or ""

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However, you can adapt your in-box to filter out the bad and possibly infected e-mails. For Microsoft Outlook users:

  • click on "Tools"
  • click on "Rules Wizard"
  • click on "Check the Messages as they Arrive"
  • Pick a condition for instance with specific words in the subject

"If you keep getting spam from a certain website, the same thing over and over, you can write a rule. In Outlook, anytime you receive e-mail from this address containing those specific words, it will automatically store it to a file folder or delete it. Whichever you chose," instructed Noles.

Most virus e-mails contain a subject matter. And to find out those subject titles, Noles found McAfee and Symantec provide the latest virus warnings. "You can put any of those subjects in the rules wizard," he said.

Not everyone uses Microsoft Outlook for e-mail. Some people use American Online. You can block e-mail using the same concept.

  • Just click on mail options.
  • Click on block e-mail.
  • Type in screen names, domains, or addresses

Noles says with the combination of an updated anti-virus software, and e-mail filter system, it will be much easier for your computer to pinpoint potentially harmful computer viruses.

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