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Danger - Construction Ahead

At $2.2 million, Frankford Avenue is being widened from two lanes to seven, and claiming some casualties in the process. "The airbag came out and all the tires blew out and we just stopped as fast as we could," said Anita Snead.

It is a common site in Lubbock, roadway construction, but with it comes a sizeable share of confusion and danger, especially when streets are not clearly marked. There are two orange cones at the intersection of 95th and Frankford, albeit widely spaced, that according to Anita Snead were not there on the night of her accident. What followed was a simple right turn that led to a totaled car.

"I didn't know that this side of the road was closed because there were no signs," she said. She drove right into a seven inch concrete connector, and she wasn't the first. "This is the second time," said Brandon Garrison. Both a neighbor and a wrecker confirmed that Snead was the second accident in less than a week. "This is the second one," said the tow-truck operator.

"These would be the manuals that they are supposed to be going through," said City Engineer Larry Hertel. He says its the contractor's job to clearly label the road. "The contractor is required to conform with the manuals on traffic control," said Hertel.

NewsChannel 11 attempted to contact the owner of West Texas Paving by phone and in person but was unsuccessful. Meanwhile, shaken but uninjured, Snead and her granddaughter had a message for the city. "They should have signs out here," she said.

The city also encourages drivers to be sure to slow down in construction zones, since they can often change on a daily basis.

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