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Terror suspect's blog gives insight to his plans

By Christie Post - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – Authorities said Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari described his desire for violent Jihad and martyrdom in blog postings using the online username fromfaraway90.

The terror suspect started the blog shortly after he moved to the United States in December 2008. Thursday we learned more about his life through his own words. He talks about love, learning English and his quest for his own holy war.

In May of 2009 Aldawsari talks about learning English in Nashville, Tennessee and his dreams about working for Google. June of that year he writes in Arabic about the Book of Allah and his conquest that will depend on his Jihad. In August of 2009 he talks about coming to Lubbock, enjoying the city life and the Texas Tech football team. Toward the end of 2009 he talks about life being strange and that living is not everything. From then on Aldawsari doesn't post for month, then he starts to write the majority of his posts in Arabic. We spoke with the Imam at the Islamic Center of the South Plains who translated one of the blog posts from last March. He said it talks about how Muslims should stand up for the war.

"It seems that he's accusing Americans of attacking Muslim countries and killing people over there. And Muslims are just sitting and watching and nobody is doing anything. And he said if a Muslim does something they will call him a terrorist," said Samer Altabaa, Imam at Islamic Center of South Plains.

The FBI also found some of his personal journal entries in his apartment a few days ago where Aldawsari talks about how he's been planning a terrorist attack for years, and how 9/11 produced a big change in his thinking. He then writes how a financial scholarship helped support his Jihad or God willing.

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