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Stabbing Victim's Family Copes with Their Loss

22-year-old Robert Esquivel was stabbed and killed Saturday morning at a house on the 1800 block of East First Place. Witnesses blame 32-year-old Collie Willard. A man who should have been behind bars.

Nazario and Margarita Esquivel are Robert's grandparents. They don't speak English very well but we had a translator on the phone.

The grandparents told us they are very upset at whoever was responsible for Willard's early release. "How come they let him, Collie Willard out? So, he could murder Robert?" said Nazario.

Robert's mother, Alicia, didn't want to go on camera, but she questions the county too. And told us, "this would have never happened to her son if Collie Willard hadn't been released early."

We asked Nazario how his family is coping, knowing this tragedy could have possibly been prevented. He said he felt really sad and that he didn't think of Robert as a grandson, but more like a son. He had raised Robert in his home even since Robert was born.

Their grandson would have turned 23-years-old this Tuesday and he leaves behind a twin brother, and two young children.

The family has talked about suing Lubbock County., but right now they can not say for sure if they will.

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