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Medicine and Your Children

It's so easy to grab something over the counter when kids are sick and you want them to feel better, but we can make dangerous mistakes if we don't follow those directions very carefully. That's why the government has issued new guidelines to help parents.

Among the FDA's tips, read and follow labels every time.

  • Be sure to pay special attention to that line that explains "how to use" and look for any warnings.
  • Know how much medicine to give and how often.
  • Know the abbreviations for measurements like tablespoon, teaspoon, milligram, milliliter and ounce. If you're not sure, ask your pharmacist.
  • Always use a dosing tool instead of a kitchen spoon. You can get those at any pharmacy.
  • And be sure to check with a doctor or pharmacist before giving two or more medicines at the same time, like a cough medicine and a pain reliever.
  • Follow the weight and age limit recommendations.
  • Be sure to re-lock the cap after each use.
  • Always check the packaging and the medicine itself for any sign of tampering.
  • Finally, if you still have questions about your child's condition, call your doctor.

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