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Consider This: Protecting Americans means profiling

By Dan Jackson

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – Last week's arrest of a man in Lubbock plotting terrorism was a big wake up call. Most shocking was how they caught him. It was the vigilance of a private business suspicious about his chemical purchases. They called Lubbock Police, and the FBI took it from there.  

He was not even on the FBI's radar before then. Which begs the question…..why not?

Consider this: Profiling, or as I like to call it "danger profiling," in this new post-9/11 era, is completely acceptable in my book and it should be deployed on every level of law enforcement. 

To serve and protect the citizens and homeland means we must be investigating and surveilling the places and people most likely to cause us harm.  So checking the activities of people who have been known to cause us harm is completely acceptable, especially when we are at war with Islamic extremists. Because, make no mistake, there are more of them out there.

It's true, there are extreme groups everywhere, but the fact is, no other religious group has caused more death and destruction in today's America than those calling for jihad.

So, why is it wrong to then single out those with similar beliefs to at least rule out the possibility they are headed down the same path?

And if the Islamic community is inconvenienced by this, I would say that is simply the price we have to pay for a safer America.

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