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Whatever Happened to the Coronado Hazing of 2002?

Last August, a group of Coronado senior girls made headlines, when an initiation ritual got out of control. The entire event was caught on tape.

Sophomore girls were doused in raw eggs, mustard, flour, even horse manure. While some viewed this as a harmless tradition, others viewed it as hazing, which is against the law. The event has reportedly been a part of Coronado's big sister program for 10 years, and it always happens at the beginning of the new school year.

So, with the first week of school now behind us, Whatever Happened to that event? The Coronado Senior Sister, Sophomore Sister Initiation Ritual happened again this past Saturday. Only this year, the rules have changed.

It was a decidedly different scene from one year to the next. "The hazing was bad and maybe out of hand. So now, we're doing what we can to make it a positive experience for the sophomores," says Coronado Senior Tiffany Downing.

Coronado High's senior girls have taken the senior sister program and turned it inside out. Trading in what was thought of by some as a humiliating ritual in the park, for a much more subdued sophomore kidnapping and early morning breakfast at the Golden Corral.

The t-shirts perhaps sum up the change in attitude best, with the slogan, 'We're back and the rules have changed. Cause.. Girls just want to have fun.'

The senior sister program almost lost its appeal after last year's event drew widespread negative publicity. This year, the girls have made a pledge quote -- 'not to haze, chastise or belittle the incoming Sophomores. It is our hope.. (to) use this time to build friendships and unite and strengthen the women of Coronado.'

Last year's event resulted in a number of minor in possession of alcohol citations. This year, nothing like that, and the program also had its largest participation ever. 88 Senior girls signed up, and 96 Sophomore girls were selected.

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