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Frenship Calls Bond Election for Higher Taxes to Fund School Renovations

Crowded classrooms and cluttered offices are what, director of human resources, Terry Kinard says that's what Frenship ISD has to live with everyday. "It's finally catching up to the point where we've got to do something about it."

Kinard says for the last decade the school district has grown dramatically and narrowly missed the top ten list for having one of the fastest growing schools in the country. "Today we are at about 5,500 and we know that 44% of those kids are in grades K-4 so we know what's on its way," says Kinard.

School officials at Frenship say classrooms here are bursting at the seams. In fact, they've brought in 11 portable buildings, to help alleviate the problem and serve as classrooms for the growing number of students. "That will continue until we are able to accommodate them with more permanent structures," says Superintendent John Thomas.

Thomas says for now portable buildings will serve as make-shift classrooms but more are on the way. Without renovations there could be 40 portable classrooms within the next four years.

Even school secretaries are feeling the crunch and sharing offices because space is scarce. "Staffing wise we're getting crowded as well," says Thomas.

Thomas says its a problem many parents and voters are ready to solve. Royce Craig has four children at Frenship and is in favor of school renovations. "Last year after I saw two bathrooms had to be converted into temporary space for the kids, I just noticed something had to be done different."

It's now up to Craig and other residents to vote for higher taxes to fund renovations to eight schools and adding two new ones. Thomas says this will increase taxes $3 to $6 a month. Residents say that's a small price to pay for giving students a better place to learn. "I feel it definitely needs it for Frenship, I just see the benefits for all this community to get this," says Craig.

Early voting for the Frenship bond election starts September 10th. And runs through September 23rd. Election day is the twenty seventh. If passed construction will begin may of 2004 and take about a year to complete.

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