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Food for Thought 3/3/11

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – We begin this tasty tour of perfection at Chili Dog Café at 5903 82nd street.

Owner Kevin Jones says don't let the name fool you, "We've got some of the best chicken sandwiches in town, best burgers in town. We try to do a lot of things differently, got a lot of variety over here."

And while Kevin says they are always changing up their menu to add guests' suggestions - it's constancy that makes them a repeat top performer.

"You just gotta stay on top of everything. I learned a lot out of the sanitation class I took up at Tech and, just by being here all the times makes all the difference in the world."

Next we spice up the menu with a little Cajun flare. Gator's Bayou at 5217 98th cooks up a perfect score.

"Oh my gosh it's such an honor! Because, you know, everybody we know watches the news and watches who's a top performer, and you know we really worked hard to make sure we got that."

Manager Corrie Hosch says they found the perfect recipe, "The kitchen staff and the wait staff work together, not against each other. They treat each other with complete respect. So when you ask someone to do something they're like, 'yes, I would love to.'"

While team work keeps the kitchen clean, the food keeps the customers coming back.

"We specialize in crawfish etouffee; we have a really good Cajun pasta; we have some stuffed pork chops that are unbelievable. You have to try the gator bites. It's real alligator tail fried with a Cajun batter. It's delicious."

And our final stop at the top is Caprock Café at 3405 34th.

"It's awesome! It's awesome! (I) couldn't be happier. (I) couldn't ask more from those folks in (Caprock Café). It takes a lot of effort from the bottom to the top. Everybody wants to be the one that's here when the health inspector shows up because they want to be the one to take credit for the perfect score," manager Andres Villarreal says.

He says they should be proud. They've earned multiple repeat top performances, but even more impressive... this one makes five in a row.

"We've been here 13 years, and we've got a system in place. The cook does his checklist, and the manager check the cooks; my manager checks me. I mean it really is a group effort."

But it's not all work - remember this is where Texas plays, "It's a fun place to come have a good time. We have a great happy hour business. We have a great late night business. We've got wonderful burgers and cold beer. At the very least - you know the kitchen is clean. You know, I joke about it, but it goes along way. People have the right to be concerned where they're getting their food that they feed themselves and their family."

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