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Lubbock man found guilty of murder in Levelland

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A Lubbock man convicted in a Hockley County murder will spend 45 years behind bars. After less than an hour of deliberation, jury members handed down the sentence Friday afternoon to Darrell Hutcherson, 36.

The trial lasted for five days. The Hockley County jury deliberated for 66 minutes before delivering the guilty verdict. He was convicted of murder for the May 13, 2009 beating death of Levelland resident Assie Silva, 64, Thursday.

"It was a long week of trial. It was a lot of witnesses. And I think everyone worked very hard to present what they had to the jury," said Anna Ricker, Darrell Hutcherson's attorney.

According to police, Silva was a disabled man and was attacked on his couch after Hutcherson and two others pushed their way into his home. Police said his wife was home at the time when the three men attacked Silvia repeatedly hitting him with their fists. Silva was hospitalized after the assault. Prosecutors said Silva had to be kept alive by tubes and machines after the incident. He never regained consciousness and died July 16, 2009. Prosecutors called it a savage, vicious, senseless murder.

Hutcherson pleaded not guilty. "And of course we went to the jury for guilt innocence," said Ricker.

During the trial, prosecutors used a videotaped interview of Hutcherson that authorities said tied him to the scene of the crime. Jurors ultimately found enough evidence to put him behind bars. And Hutcherson's attorney said he respects their decision.

"It's difficult for any client to face a long term sentence. 45 years in this case. And so he's going to accept the jury's verdict and respect it," said Ricker.

Two other men were also indicted and charged with the murder of Assie Silva. Both Christopher Lee Williams and Lawrence Oneal Wyatt's trials are pending.

Hutcherson faced from 15 years to life. He is a convicted felon and previously spent six years behind bars for drug charges.

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