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More Proof Tanning Beds Can Kill

The National Institute of Health reports it has officially declared sunlight, and the light emitted in tanning booths a carcinogen. Skin cancer survivor LeeAnn Goodwin says she's learned her lesson. She used to spend a lot of time in the sun and when the sun wasn't out, she'd head for a tanning booth. She says that she has had one melanoma and a lot of basal cell removals. She has an entirely new forehead that was skin grafted.

LeeAnn has already had about 30 moles removed, all basal cell carcinomas, a form of skin cancer. But one on her back turned out to be melanoma, the deadliest kind of skin cancer.

Dr. Margaret Parsons, a dematologic surgeon, says she hopes the NIC will follow through with its statement and require tanning beds to be labeled with stronger warnings.

Dr. Parsons says that every day she sees someone who has used a tanning bed and looks at their skin and it is older than their age, she'll see a 25 year-old that has skin on her stomach that looks like it's 50. In the future, she hopes they will have labeling saying that this is a carcinogen and that it's cancer causing and life threatening.

Dr. Parsons says the safest tan is a self tanning lotion you get from a bottle, if you use sun screen underneath.

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