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The Singer Smart Scissors: Does it Work?

You remember The Whizzers, the scissors that weren't worth a whiz? That was the opinion of the woman who helped me test it out a couple of months ago. Well, tonight were testing a product similar to the Whizzers, that works the same way, but carries a household name. The Singer Smart Scissors.

It cost $20 dollars and supposedly they are the fast, easy pain-free way to cut fabric. We've used Bernina sewing studio owner Vicki Tracy before, she's quite the sewing expert. "Compared to the other scissors, do you ever experience pain?" NewsChannel 11 asked Vicki. "Well, a lot of people that have arthritis do have joint pain when they use scissors. That's where a pair of battery operated ones might come in handy," she said.

"Let's see, we turn these on, then mash. So the denim shouldn't be a problem for almost any sheer," she said after cutting through tough denim. "Not bad is it?"

Vicki says the scissors aren't that hard to control either.

Moving on to the heavy upholstery material. "We have this home decor fabric. It cut just fine, but I'm just cutting one layer. Let's fold it over. That's more challenging," Vicki said.

"How's the control?", NC 11 asked. "Not bad," she replied.

Delicate fabric will the be the deciding factor here. "What kind of fabric is this?" NC 11 asked. "This is rayon," Vicki said. Again, not a problem!

"For people who do have arthritis, I say try them," she said.

You heard it hear folks. The Singer Smart Scissors work!

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