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Consider This...Prices on the rise, city could possibly cut back on expenses

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – It looks like the cost of living in Lubbock is on the rise. The biggest gas spike in history is forcing prices on everything else up. Then you've got what I've described before as out of control city fees and rates.

A recent KCBD NewsChannel 11 report pointed out that in the next two years storm water rates would increase from twenty two to fifty percent. On top of that, there are eminent tax increases coming to support Lubbock's bond debt for city improvements. And by the way, that debt is growing at a record pace. For the first time in history, the city is about to break the one billion dollar debt number. One billion dollars! That means you and me, the citizens, owe that money and will have to pay it back no matter how much it grows. And that billion could reach one point six billion by 2016. So, all of these increases have people making tough choices. Prioritizing; in a lot of cases, just plain going without certain things. City hall should do the same and let people keep more of their own money.

Consider This: I have a few ideas: The time has come for the city to consider cutting back on their out of touch pension plan. You'd be hard pressed to find a private company matching retirement contributions at a two to one rate. Next, let's take a look at the salaries of city management and make some tough cuts. School districts are doing it across the state because they don't have the luxury of just raising taxes again. There are expenses out there to cut. The only question is: Will city council have the wear- with-all to force a convincing city management that these things must be done? City hall must match the cuts we are all making out in the real world.

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