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Tulia: Polishing a Tarnished Image

It's been four years since the fabricated race based drug bust, and Tulia is ready to put it behind them. They've established a civilian review board to hear citizen concerns.

The six member committee will have no authority on policy making in Tulia. Just the good faith that city, county and school officials will listen to their findings. "What we hope is this committee will provide a communication tool to help us make better decisions," says Swisher County Judge Harold Keeter.

Randy Credico is the President of the Kunstler Fund out of New York City. A group that spent considerable energy trashing the town of Tulia for the past four years. Now, they're changing their tune. "I feel more comfortable here than at my apartment in NYC," says Credico. That committee is modeled after one in New York City. Big city advice this town believes can help it get back on its feet.

The Governor has also helped. This past June, 12 of the wrongfully accused were released from prison when the chief undercover officer in the sting was discredited. Last week, Governor Rick Perry pardoned all 35 convicted.

Fred Brookins Senior believes Tulia citizens will now have a voice. Something he says they didn't have back in '99, when his son was part of that now infamous drug bust. "If we look forward, then we can put this town back together."

Members of the board will serve two year terms with no pay. Their work begins immediately.

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