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New Driving Laws to Take Effect Sept 1st

Driving-Related Legislation Taking Effect September 1, 2003
Take a closer look at the new laws of the road taking effect September 1st, 2003.
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Drag Racing: "It's been a problem across the state," said D.P.S. Corporal John Gonzalez. Gonzalez is talking about the growing problem of drag racing, not just in Lubbock but in Texas. But a new law passed by Texas law makers this legislative session will hopefully deter drag racing altogether.

If you get caught drag racing, guess what? The new law says you lose your driver license for one year. "Before it was a fine penalty and a slap on the hand," Gonzalez said.

Installed Video Players: The trend these days is to install video players inside your car. MGM car shop sells many models and can install it for you. But keep something in mind. Where you put it can mean a hefty ticket. The new law states that having a video player or TV set visible from the driver's seat is illegal. The driver must have both eyes on the road at all times.

Emergency Vehicle Slow Down:And here's another law. If you're driving and see an emergency vehicle with it's lights on, you must slow down 20 MPH lower than the posted speed limit. Gonzalez says that applies to drivers riding in lanes next to the stopped emergency vehicle, but the law doesn't apply to drivers riding in middle lanes or passing lanes. However, even if the law doesn't apply to those drivers, Gonzalez encourages drivers to slow down anyway.

There's a list of new laws that will take effect Monday, but Corporal Gonzalez says for the next 90 days, it will be a warning period for all drivers. "We want compliance and we'd rather have that before issuing citations," he said.

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